Architectual Window Film

Upgrades for Solar, Safety and Privacy Advantages

SunTek Residential Film is available in an extensive line of solar, security and specialty film solutions for improved your comfort. Our solar film helps improve the performance of glass by tempering the effects of the sun—helping to block UV rays and the sun’s heat while also creating better conditions for electronic screen viewing.

SunTek Security Film helps discourage break-ins and can help reduce injuries from broken glass. Anti-graffiti film helps make post-vandalism cleanup a breeze with easy film removal.

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Safety & Security Film

Residential and Commercial Safety and Security Window Film

This technologically advanced film helps provide peace of mind by adding a thin-yet-tough layer to glass surfaces in homes and commercial buildings. SunTek film offers added safety and security safeguards by helping to protect what’s precious and helping to reduce injuries from shattered glass.

Specialty Film

Residential and Commercial Safety and Security Window Film

The Specialty film selection from SunTek provides practical, attractive ways to enhance all styles of residential and commercial properties. Designed for residential, retail, restaurants, and office spaces, we offer fully private and semi-private film choices in a versatile palette of white, white matte, black, crystal and mirror. SunTek Specialty film can be easily customized to your architectural vision. In addition, the performance and durability of all Specialty films are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Create an Environmental Expression

Specialty film inspires creativity and new design solutions in a big way. Restyle office glass into an impressive client-greeting feature without the cost of custom glass. If you can imagine it, SunTek Specialty film can help you achieve it. An open boutique becomes an intimate spa by softening and diffusing light, while unused space can easily be upgraded into a video editing studio with Specialty darkening film.

Specialty film can be installed on glass lobby doors, office hallways, conference room walls, or any other smooth glass surface to make an impactful, professional appearance.

Solar Film

Residential and Commercial Safety and Security Window Film

Complement any architectural style or budget with SunTek Solar window film. We offer a variety of film styles engineered with spectrally selective, dual-reflective, sputtered neutral, or reflective metal technologies that help reduce interior temperatures, harsh glare, and interior fading caused by the sun. Our film options provide a range of solar protection and help ensure a look to accommodate almost every commercial property need and virtually every homeowner’s preference.